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  1. Results of Going Back to No Panic Horse Training

    May 01, 21 08:15 AM

    Here's another great example of taking a horse back to "No Panic" horse training and what teaching one thing at a time can achieve in a very short time....

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  2. Panic-Free Horse Training

    Apr 27, 21 07:32 AM

    Here are some basic things people are overlooking when training horses. Let's take a look at the steps to Panic-Free Horse Training...

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  3. WHY You Should do Groundwork

    Apr 20, 21 10:50 AM

    Let's chat about the IMPORTANCE of why you should do groundwork. If you want to be a great horseman and horse trainer, then you need to pay attention...

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  4. Teaching a Horse to Stop Correctly - Bits vs Training

    Apr 15, 21 05:36 AM

    Here's a great lesson on getting a horse to stop correctly. Plus some additional tips on training a calm and responsive horse. Watch to the end...

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  5. Horse Riding Arena Building Tips: Where to Place the Gate & Why

    Apr 15, 21 04:02 AM

    Here is the most important tip for when building your Horse Riding Arena. Before you build, make you sure you think about the Psychology of the horse, and where you place the gate.

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  6. Important Horse Training Psychology - The Right & Wrong Way

    Apr 14, 21 03:33 AM

    This is an IMPORTANT video: The right Horse Training Psychology will make all the difference to your horse schooling. First I show you the wrong way - & then we get into the right...

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