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  1. NLG Redirect

    Feb 10, 23 06:05 AM

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  2. How Horse Bits Work - Gags, Snaffles & Their Actions

    Jun 09, 22 08:32 AM

    10 - How Bits Work
    Choosing the right bit for your horse is often a challenge. So equip yourself through this video with an understanding of how horse bits work to make choosing the right bit easier...

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  3. Polished Roll Backs: Clearing Front Leg & Propelling Hind Leg

    Jan 15, 22 05:54 AM

    56 - Roll Backs Elementary
    Do you want your horses to do polished, smooth and quick roll backs? Then it is imperative to first teach them this...

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  4. Advanced Horse Training: Starting the Rollback

    Nov 07, 21 02:13 AM

    55 - Starting the Rollback
    The best way of starting to teach the rollback is by first getting the horse soft when lateral. Let's get your horses spinning & rolling back..

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  5. Results of Going Back to No Panic Horse Training

    Oct 29, 21 03:28 AM

    Results of Using "No Panic Horse Training - Gav on Delta Dawn
    Here's another great example of taking a horse back to "No Panic" horse training and what teaching one thing at a time can achieve in a very short time....

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  6. Rollback and Spin: Horse Training Tips & Lessons

    Oct 23, 21 04:11 AM

    54 - NOW the Rollback and Spin
    We've chatted Stringhalt, Tips on Assessment, and NOW let's teach the Rollback and Spin...

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