Horse Training: Starting the Rollback

The best way of starting to teach the rollback is by first getting the horse soft and lateral. This is the final video in my short series with horse Sandy.

As you'll see, she is initially very fussy with her mouth and wants to go forward into the bridle...

But with a little bit of work, you can see how much easier it becomes for her.

Horse Training: Starting the Rollback


When you're doing your rollbacks ... that they only go sideways and not into the bit. She wants to immediately go straight into the bit. Sideways. That's what I want.

Come. That's better. That's what I want. There. Much better. Good girl.

So I work with them always to get this feeling of softness. Cos when you do that, and you get your horse understanding that they can't go into the bridal. And every time they do, you stop and just bring them back and do the turn again. You start to get the horses where...

You see see she wants to grab. don't let here. Come, sideways, that's it. (Meghan: So by doing the roll back, you're also teaching them to be soft on the mouth?) Very much so. (Meghan: Because you use the whip, so if they fight against you, you tap them so they learn that. Okay, I see.)

But notice I'm not actually doing a rollback and go here. I'm getting the horse completely lateral where if you look at the feet, if you could just focus on the horses feet here. What's happening is I'm teaching it to step around the inside front leg with the outside front leg, the inside back leg will be in front of the outside back leg.

So that's how it learns to put its feet. Watch the feet when you turn this way, see how when it's correct, you see how those feet work that way. Inside back leg will be in front of this one, outside will be in front of that one. And now you're getting a horse that is lateral.

So as you now touch backwards, now you make a rollback.

So sideways, you're teaching that lovely lateral feeling with the horse organizing it's feet, if I take my hands back slightly with a pull, now she'll roll back and anchor the back leg.

So, that if you have a horse that's battling to do the roll back, if you teach this first where they going, nice and soft like this... as you touch now, and keep the momentum and the momentum takes them through that turn.


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