Gavin Chaplin and the members of make no promises that the techniques and methods presented on the website, will work for you.

Horsemanship is a learned skill and the techniques suggested for training horses depend on the skill of the rider.

If you are trying to implement what you have learned on the website and it is not working for you, please consult your nearest professional. (They might have alternative training methods that work quite adequately for them, and as long as your horse is progressing, that is all that matters.)

Information on other topics have been gleaned from experts in their fields and has been included to share different points of view. The viewer is urged to discuss this information with their own specialist in that field before trying to implement it.

The information contained in the videos is the point of view of the person interviewed and not that of It has been shared on the website because it is interesting. 

Safety & Equipment and Gavin Chaplin hold no responsibility for incorrect use of safety equipment when riding, or any injury sustained through not using safety equipment.

Many videos on the site show rider's without a riding hat on, and this is the personal choice of the rider, and not the suggestion of

It is suggested that you wear the correct safety equipment when riding, and use a riding hat at all times.