New Years Resolutions for Your Horse

5 Suggestions...
PLUS some things to remember over the Festive Season...

New Years Resolutions for Your Horse: 5 Brilliant Suggestions

The festive season looms ahead. (...where did the year go, right???)

And good time with family as well.

There will, for many of you, have been a lot to organize to make this happen. Not least of which will have been planning of what happens to your pets if you are going away.

Mostly though, this will have been what happens to your domestic pets.

Just a little memory jog here:

Your horses also need to be checked on a daily basis, through this time as well....

Even if they are being left out in a lush green paddock. Make sure someone checks on them daily in case of colic or an unexpected injury, etc.

The New Year...

Talking of which, new year with its usual new year's resolutions also looms ahead.

The Gyms round the world feast on these, as everyone joins a gym at the beginning of the year -- fully intending to "get fit, lose weight, etc etc."

I am told that on average the number of people actually using this gym membership, has dwindled to half within the first 3 months.

ANYWAY... whilst we have the making of all these new years resolutions in mind, let's take a bit of time to figure out what we want to achieve with our horses next year...

And set some short, medium and long term goals for ourselves.

5 Ideas for Your New Years Resolutions:

1. Resolve to Learn to be a Better Rider:

New Years Resolution Suggestion #1: Learn to be a Better Rider

So often we blame our horse's on their poor performance or lack of progress...

Where most often it's actually us who are the inhibiting factor in our horse's progress.

So don't ask your horse to perform beyond your capabilities. It's most often you who needs the lesson.

Some things you can do:

  1. Watch as many educational videos as you can. Learn how to ride better, BUT ALSO train better. 
    (Start with Strong Legs, Gentle Hands and Finesse with the Reins if you haven't watched them already.)
  2. Film yourself riding and watch how you ride -- and compare that to the best riders in your discipline. Where could you be better? How can you improve?
  3. Get 1-on-1 instruction from a Professional
  4. And focus on being a better rider every time you ride

2. Recheck Your Saddles & Other Tack -- & Make Sure They Fit Correctly:

Take the time in the new year to check all your tack.

Check your saddles carefully for things like a cracked tree, torn leather...

And most importantly: the fit of the saddle on our horse. Is it in fact the right fit for your horse?

Other tack to check: girths, over-girths, stirrup leathers, bridles etc

3. Resolve to Learn More About the Actions of the Bits:

Firstly, you owe it to your horse to know and understand what goes on in their mouths when you put a bit in there.

So, make the resolution to find out more about the action of all the bits...

So that you can start gaining the knowledge you need to get all your horses comfortable in the mouth.

With resolution #1 and with this resolution you can solve the following 2 common issues...

Firstly: You might have the right bit in your horse's mouth but the horses is not performing optimally because you can't ride well...

Or Alternatively: You don't have the right bit and still don't get the optimal performance, even if you are a great rider.

It's all about the holistic approach and combinations!

Start learning more about the Action of the Bits by downloading the FREE Bitting Your Horse Blueprint [pdf], here.

New Years Resolution Suggestion #3: Learn More About the Actions of the Bits

4. Check Your Training Areas -- Arena, Round Pen, Exercise Track etc:

It's time to make sure everything is still in good condition... AND that it is also designed correctly.

Check your Arena, Round Pen and Exercise Track:

5. Resolve to Get All Your Medical Checks Done:

When was the last time you had teeth done?

They should be floated by a professional every 6 months.

When was the last time a physiotherapist looked at your horse?

...Remember that if you have it done when the horse has some down time ahead of it, it will heal much better.

Read here for an interesting story with lion cubs TO FIND OUT WHY you should have a physio check your horses regularly.

Longer Term Goals:

Don't forget to set some longer term goals...

But in saying that, I would look to finding out what the little incremental changes need to be, to let you progress to the next level.

If you break down the bigger goals in this way, they start to become more achievable.

Having said all of that...

Here's to wishing you a blessed and peaceful festive season and new year.

Thank you so much from Rob and I for joining us on this wonderful journey of discovery.

- Best regards,

PS: What are your New Years Resolutions Going to Be?

Drop a comment below and let us know what New Years Resolutions and Goals you're going to set...


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New Years Resolutions for Your Horse: 5 Brilliant Suggestions