What Bit Should I Use for a Horse That Fly Leaps?

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This is another really interesting question that came in...

And once again it has a multi-faceted answer.

What Bit to Use for a Horse that Fly Leaps? Answers to your Questions

"What Bit Should I Use for a Horse that Fly Leaps?"

In the video answer below, Gav immediately starts off by asking whether it is actually a bitting issue, and then provides a really interesting discussion on what the cause may actually be...

Taking us back through the holistic approach you should be using to train and bit your horses.

He also touches on a really interesting series on hoof health and hoof problems that we are working on; and how often this is a cause of further medical issues and lameness.

And then of course, comes back to answer the original question. Enjoy!

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Bitting a Horse That Fly Leaps:

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