How to Teach Your Horse Patience
On the Ground

This is a lesson that is so often forgotten when horse training... And that is the lesson of PATIENCE.

Here are 2 examples of a simple and great method for teaching your horse patience on the ground.

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How to Teach Your Horse Patience


In this video, I wanted to just talk to you about a lesson that is so often forgotten and never taught. Because, the patience that you need for a horse is so important, if you're trying to teach it anything, okay. It's got to be present with you in the lesson. Now horses instinctive way is to want to go back to the stables or to want to go back to the paddock where the other horses are.

That's what we call Nappiness. And the horse is now not present with you. Or it's looking around and it's paying attention to other things, and it's really not with you in what you're trying to teach it. So it's so important to actually teach it the patience to be with you in the lesson.

And you will find that if you do teach the horse set patience, they become very, very easy to train because they're always with you in this lesson and they never ever, kind of got their mind wandering elsewhere. And you break that habit of the nappiness before it starts. So a really important, often forgotten lesson is the one on patience.

[Example 1:] Okay. When he's got that idea, what I'm wanting is that these horses also learn patience.

So I'll leave him standing and take the rope with me so that I have still got control of him if he walks away. And I want him to learn to just stand there while I'm not with him. Okay. So I'll fetch the other rope and I've still got control of him if I needed to.

[Example 2:] And now just work with a little bit of patience where you're taking a rope and throwing it away from you, where you can walk on it. If she walks off, you just stop her, stop her walking, and she must learn to stand with the rope there. So she doesn't walk away. Her whole attention is on me. Okay.

When I'm standing this far away, if I call her, I want her to come to me. Okay. And even better with just a little bit of food or something in your pocket that when she comes, you just give her a little bit of grub.


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How to Teach Your Horse Patience ... On the Ground