Strike Off on the Correct Lead:
Training your Horse

Teaching your horse to strike off on the correct lead is important for any competition horse. You do not have time to be coaxing your horse to take the desired lead when competing

Learn how to teach your horse to Strike off on the Correct Lead.

Remember that a horse turning to the side it is leading on propels itself through the turn.

If it turns to the side it is not leading on, it then propels itself out of the turn.

Using the following method of getting a horse to strike of on the desired lead combines three different aspects of training that work synergistically together:

  1. The leg yield frees the leading shoulder;
  2. It also sensitizes the horse to leg aids;
  3. This in turn makes flying lead changes easier and will make it very simple to get your horse from standstill into the canter on the desired lead.

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Teaching your Horse to Strike off on the Correct Lead...

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