How do I Know if My Horse is Tongue Sensitive?

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This is another great question that came in:

"How do I know if my horse is Tongue Sensitive?"

And as always, in the video below, Gav provides an answer that makes you think laterally about what might be stopping your horse from progressing to the next step.

[Video] How do I Know My Horse is Tongue Sensitive? Answers to Your Questions...

He covers what to look for to know if your horse is tongue sensitive, but also things to be aware of that might look like tongue sensitivity but is not...

We talk about issues with tail tying, putting bandages on legs too early before riding, and medical issues, all which might be causing the horse to seem tongue sensitive.


Have a horse that is tongue sensitive? Then let us know through a comment below the video, and tell us what signs she/he is showing?

How to Know if Your Horse is Tongue Sensitive:

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