The Results of Going Back to "No Panic" Horse Training

For all our viewers who watched the video on "No Panic Horse Training" here is a question for you.

Who said to themselves, "Ah yes that makes sense" and immediately thought about the training lessons you could simplify?

Well, this week I want to take your thinking one step further.

Because the "no panic approach" encompasses everything, including the bit you put in your horse's mouth...

In the last few months I have been given quite a number of horses to do remedial schooling on. A high percentage of these were over-bitted and to gain the horses trust I had to revert to a much softer bits.

So what has that got to do with "No Panic" training?

The Results of Using No Panic Horse Training...

Well here's the thing.

The minute you try to force a horse to do what it can't do it will resist you to protect itself.

So you have to go back to basics, including a mild snaffle type bit, even if you think the horse doesn't have a good mouth in that bit.

Then go back to basics and teach the horse to...

  • Back up to a light touch. (If you don't know how, watch the accompanying video below)
  • Sensitise it to leg pressure
  • Teach it to leg yield (and most importantly to drop away from the pressure of the bit)

After all these exercises, you will suddenly find that you are creating a good mouth and the horse is responding to a much lighter bit.

"No horse checks easily or stops well, unless it is taught to back up to a light touch."

If you follow the rest of my training steps, teaching the horse what it needs to know, then you can start experimenting with different bits.

You might find you need a stronger bit in a competitive environment, but because you did things "ONE STEP AT A TIME" the horse knows how to give to pressure and doesn't stiffen in the neck and poll to protect itself from pressures in the mouth, that it doesn't know how to respond to.

So even in the bitting department, be sure to follow the "one step at a time" rule.

Hope that helps. Enjoy the lesson below...

And it would be great to hear from you if this approach helps you, or if you have a different method for getting a horse responsive. Comment below...

Watch the Results of going back to "No Panic" Horse Training:


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The Results of Using No Panic Horse Training...