Stick and Balling a Napping Horse
(Polo Playing Tips)

I keep on seeing Polo Players making the same mistake with stick and balling a napping horse (a horse that always wants to get back to the herd / stables / pony lines).

Stick and Balling a Napping Horse - Polo Playing Tips

Usually this is a problem with young horses, but quite often it will be with a "made" polo pony.

Essentially they make the error of thinking a "Nappiness" issue is a stick and balling issue: Horse runs away from ball; horse runs over ball, etc.

... When it is in fact, just a napping horse that has either been allowed to be nappy, or unintentionally been taught bad habits.

In the video lesson below I give some great tips on...

  • what to be aware of, 
  • how to cure these problems, 
  • and how to stick and ball correctly with a horse that is napping.

How to Stick and Ball a Napping Horse...

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Stick and Balling a Napping Horse - Polo Playing Tips