Don't Flatten Your Mallet in the Downswing - Polo Swing Tips

Polo Swing Tip: Here's why you shouldn't Flatten your Mallet in the Downswing...

This Polo Swing Tip might seem strange - but when I say don't flatten your mallet in the downswing, it's for very good reason!

Why? Well, do you find that you slice your shots? If you do - it's very likely because you are flattening your wrist as you swing down.

This lesson will show how that effects your shot and how to fix it.

Also just remember, that to get your swing right, you need to have the correct grip - So make sure you've watched that lesson as well.

Okay, let's take a look and get practicing... Any questions or comments, please leave down below.

Don't Flatten your Mallet in the Downswing:

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